Project Details

Project KIMA 2

Rehabilitation project of the Egyptian Chemical Industries Company (KEMA) to work with natural gas technology

  • To comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • To provide electricity currently consumed in electrical analysis of water (150 MW / hour) and export to the main network
  • To add a new product (fertilizer Urea 46 g 5% Azut) with a capacity of 530 thousand tons / year
  • To raise the current production capacity of ammonium nitrate (agricultural and industrial) from 100 thousand tons / year to 220 thousand tons / year

The movement of the project "Ammonia and Urea" until 31/5/2019




Technomont in dollars


Technomont by pound

The facilities

In pounds


In pounds

The total amount 473,012,616 809,343,780 806,071,433 2,942,674,174
Total disbursed 427,944,209 711,346,588 361,865,194 2,410,885,967
Total balance 45,068,407 97,997,192 444,206,239 531,788,207


Financing segments:

  • Initial tranche: Facilitation of US $ 292.3 million, including interest paid and commission fees
  • Second tranche: Facilitation of EGP 1,920 billion, including interest paid, fees and commissions

Summary of the most important financing conditions:

Duration of funding

  • 8 years to the US dollar slide
  • 8 years for the Egyptian pound


Investment cost

The investment cost of the ammonia and urea project is estimated at LE 11.638 billion

Total expenditure on the project until 31/5/2019 estimated at 9,677 billion pounds

The total outstanding expenses for the project as at 31/5/2019 is estimated at LE 1,861 billion


Banks lending

  • Bank of Egypt, National Bank of Egypt, Banque du Caire, Arab African International Bank, BLOM Egypt Bank and Real Estate Bank
  • Credit facilities account for 62% of the total investment cost of the project
  • The equity ratio is 38% of the total investment cost of the project

The overall position of the project

The investment cost of the project "Ammonia and Urea" and the balance until 31/5/2019


Balance in pounds

Total disbursed by pound

Total investment cost





 Movement of funding sources of the project "Ammonia and Urea" until 31/5/2019



Dollar loan

Loan Egyptian Pound

Property rights

The total amount




Total disbursed




Total balance





With the knowledge that 183 million Egyptian pounds were disbursed during June 2019


The main financial indicators of the new project

  • The company's revenues are expected to reach 2.2 billion pounds in the first year of operation 2019/2020 and revenue is expected to rise to LE 4 billion by 2026/2027. The use of modern technology will lead to lower operational costs and increase profit.