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Kima signed with a banking alliance a contract to amend the financing of the company, amounting to 7.2 billion pounds

A banking alliance has signed a long-term joint financing contract for the benefit of the Egyptian Chemical Industries Company "Kima", which is affiliated with the Chemical Industries Holding Company, with a value of EGP 7.2 billion.

A company statement to the Egyptian Stock Exchange, issued today, Thursday, stated that the National Bank of Egypt will lead the banking alliance as the financing agent, the initial main salary and the financing marketer, and the Arab African International Bank as the initial main arranger, the coverage guarantor, the financing marketer and the guarantee agent.

As well as Banque Misr as the main arranger and guarantor of coverage and marketer of financing and the technical bank, and Banque du Caire as the main arranger and guarantor of coverage, and Blom Bank Egypt and the Egyptian Arab Land Bank as participating banks.