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Kima contracts with "Air Supply" to build an oxygen production plant at a cost of 260 million pounds

The Egyptian Chemical Industries Company - Kima announced that it had signed a contract to establish an oxygen production plant with Air Supply Group, in the presence of Mohamed Zakaria Mohieldin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, Imad El-Din Mostafa, CEO of the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, and Ahmed Refaat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Air Company. Supply and leaders of Air Supply Company.

In a statement to the Egyptian Stock Exchange, today, Wednesday, Kima said that Air Supply Group will establish a plant for the production of oxygen with a system (BOO) within the Kima company in Aswan Governorate, with a total investment estimated at about 260 million pounds.

Mohamed Hassanein Radwan, Managing Director of Kima, explained that the project being implemented by the company with Air Supply is an embodiment of the presidential directives during the opening of the Kima 2 project, and the need for the private sector to participate with the public business sector. The environment.

He continued, "It is planned to cover the company's needs of oxygen and nitrogen gases, in addition to providing the necessary oxygen for the health sector in Aswan Governorate and its neighboring governorates. The construction of the station is expected to be completed during the last quarter of 2022."