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Digital transformation is a bet for kima to reach the highest levels of productive efficiency

The digital transformation train was launched on April 30 of this year
The ERP enterprise resource planning project was launched
Work in the second phase of exploration and analysis began in June 2020 in the presence of the (SAP) team, which included various programs such as (finance; production, maintenance, human resources, sales, purchases and stores, quality)
Professor / Aref Ahmed Awad - Director General of the Information Center explained
That in conjunction with the preparation of the company's digital transformation program
The company has raised the efficiency of the center, supported the center with advanced screens and display devices, and provided the center's halls with a high-speed internet.
He added that the offers of companies specialized in the field of communications and information technology are being reviewed to raise the efficiency of the communications and information infrastructure. And it is expected that the actual work of the system will start at the end of this year.

Professor / Yousra El-Sayed El-Tohamy - Director of the ERP Project in Kima added.
The company is making every effort to complete the project on time, with the help of all company employees.
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