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Kima Announces the restoration of the nitric acid unit in the old factory

The Egyptian Chemical Industries Company has announced the resumption of operation of the nitric acid unit in the old factory since the last assembly day after it was temporarily suspended.

The company confirmed in a statement to the Egyptian Stock Exchange today, Sunday, that the nitric acid unit was operated after fulfilling all the observations of the Environmental Affairs Authority.

The Egyptian Ministry of Public Business Sector announced last November that the nitric acid unit in the old Kima plant had been suspended due to the reduced oxygen supply to the unit, which was accompanied by a change in wind direction towards Aswan.

Aswan city was affected by some emissions from the unit, which caused some cases of shortness of breath for some citizens living in the area surrounding the factory.

The Ministry stated that, in order for the Environmental Affairs Agency to submit an integrated plan for environmental sanitation earlier, it is currently being reviewed to avoid all the agency's observations related to the old factory and reduce the negative effects of emissions.

Kima is currently in negotiations to establish a new unit of nitric acid, which fully complies with environmental requirements, with a capacity of 600 tons / day, to replace the old units.

And the company achieved profits during the first quarter of the current fiscal year amounted to 80.1 million pounds, compared to losses of 12.46 million pounds in the comparison period of 2018-2019.

The company's sales during the first quarter decreased marginally to 65.1 million pounds, compared to sales of 66.1 million pounds in the comparative period of the previous fiscal year.