Contribution to civil society

Contribution to civil society:

The value of donations and subsidies that the company contributed to the civil society during the year 2017/2018 amounted to LE 410,351,5500 and its statement is as follows:


Amount Statement Statement Settlement Month

250000 Complete the training of police and security forces 10 July -17

350000 Completion of conference hall security forces 17 July -17

29817 Donate to the work of the National Security Office

Donation for second section Aswan

43500 Completion of the conference hall of the security forces 60 September 17

Donation to Ain Shams University Hospitals

352897.5 Completion of the establishment of the police training center and nightclubs 180 September 17

1260.3 Donation to the Civil Protection Department of Baswan 109 October -17

Donation to the Local Unit of Aswan City Center 399 April - 18

Donation to Aswan Governorate to develop the Corniche of the Nile

1125 Donate to the General Intelligence Building Baswan 434 May -18

649.8 Donation to the Civil Protection Department of Baswan 435 May-18

490.2 Donation to the Department of Civil Protection in Aswan 441 May 18

2800 donation in favor of the Baswan National Security 475 June-18

350000 donated to the establishment of parking lot high dam and waterfall 483 June -18

Donation to the Aswan Post Office

8001.75 Donation to the Local Unit of Aswan City Center 501 June 18

Donated air conditioners to the Directorate of Security 519 June 2018

Donated to the Al - Abrar Mosque in Azbh Al - Nahda for 117 October - 17

Donation to Kima primary school morning

Donation to Mrs. Magda Wahiduddin 157 November 17

Donate to Ramadan School

1890 Donate to the school of Ramadan Arbab Middle School 214 December -17

Donation to the Baswan Security Directorate December

Donated to Keima elementary school morning

2550 Donate to Keima elementary school morning

Donation to Kima High School Joint School

6800 Donate to the new Kima Primary School 229 December 17

5000 donated a blanket for the school of high-end Erwa middle school of Kimaa 231 December -17

4997 donated clothes to the school of the strongest middle school in Kimaa 231 December 2017

Clothing donated to the primary school

Donation to Society Stars Association 243 December 2017

Donate to Kima High School Joint

1700 Donation to the new Kima Primary School 266 January -18

4990 Donate to the Primary Friendship Division School 309 Feb-18

Donate to Al - Urwah Primary School 287 - February

194370 Donate to buy medical equipment for Al-Rehab Dispensary 286 February -18

Donation to Al - Mustafa Foundation for Comprehensive Development 311 Feb - 18

Donation to Society of Community Stars for Development 382 April - 18

Donation to the first elementary school of Erwa 395 April - 18

Donation to Mr. Emad El - Din Mohamed Arman

Donation to Mr. Khaled Hassan

Donation to the Salwa Society in May 431 May 18

Donation to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired School in Aswan 436 May - 18

Donation to Al - Rehab Mosque Kima 439 May - 18

Donation to the Association of Egyptian Girls for Orphans and the Disabled 442 May - 18

Donation to Manshiyet al - Nuba Association 448 May - 18

Kima donated to help orphaned children

Donate to Al - Fath Al - Mubin Mosque

3000 Friends of Patients with Renal Failure, Liver and Radical Cancer 475 June -18

Support Zakat Fund at Kima Mosque 475 June - 18

Donate to Sheikh Haroun Mosque in Mahmudiya 475 June - 18

Donation to Al - Abrar Mosque Qena Sons Association 475 June - 18

Donation to the Mosque of the ownership of Bkima (2) 475 June - 18

Donation to support Zakat Fund in Hamzan 486 June

Donated to Society for the Development of Society Society

Donation to the Association of Paradise Criterion 494 June - 18

50000 donation to the Association of Community Development Borders 500 June 18

Total 4103551.55